Intimate Astrology

Intimate Astrology

Heart-centered guidance for when the time is right
Your unique report
Our consultations are specific to you because you are the only person like you! We provide genuine guidance and positive reinforcement for your life.
Our reports make wonderful gifts, just let us know when providing birth information if the reading is for another person. You must have their exact time and place of birth.


We provide heart-centered astrological readings, specific to you!

Do you know your zodiac sign? Your zodiac sign is the constellation in which the Sun was when you were born. Most people don’t know that this is not the only celestial body that you should pay attention to in astrology! Your cosmic makeup is much more complex and unique. For example, the moon moves zodiac sign roughly every two and a half days. In vedic (eastern) astrology the moon is actually more important than the sun!

We provide an analysis of your entire cosmic makeup, and we also provide astrocartography and synastry. Take a look at our range of consultations. We can give readings in person, via Skype or emailed in a simple PDF.